Quantum Medicine & QuadTrinity Therapy

What is QuadTrinity Therapy?

QuadTrinity Therapy is Quantum Medicine that focusses on the whole being, i.e. the Soul, Emotional, Mental and Physical fields of the person and how the energy flows between each field. Marco da Silva Paulo, the founder and creator of the QuadTrinity Clinic Method states in his QuadTrinity Method Training Manual:

“The objective of therapy is to increase the Sense of Self in the patient with Information and Energy. The best tool to do so we call DLE (Dynamic Labile Equilibrium). DLE is a state of balanced opposites from moment to moment. This state of DLE allows us to see the coincidence and connections and will create a bridge to understand the informational reality. This has to be the starting point of the therapist and the point of arrival for the patient. With this understanding it becomes easier to comprehend the process of evolution in the therapy and the purpose of energy and information in all of this”.

We call this process Reset, which is the ability to break cycles, patterns, stagnation, repetition and linear processes. The therapist uses this to break away the connections that are causing the loss of connection to the Self and create new ones to improve it.”

A QuadTrinity therapy session starts with an analysis of the four energy fields followed by the application of both energetic and informational medicine to effect a change in the flow of energy, which causes a “disruption” to the stagnant or imbalanced field.

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